World Stock Markets Next Week: Saudi Aramco Fire, Fed to Drive Trend

15 September 2019

We will have to wait till financial markets start their Asia session on Monday, to see how Oil prices react to Saturday’s drone attacks on Saudi Aramco and its subsequent reduction in production by over 50% (5% of the daily global demand).

There are many aspects of this issue that will affect stock markets on different levels. Smaller markets will face a negative effect while the US will see a higher demand for its crude oil loads. Such a big attack will have geopolitical repercussions and that can hurt global stocks.

For US stock markets, next week’s Federal Reserve meeting (Sep 17) will be very important. For Asia, Oil prices will have a bigger impact since Asia is a major importer of Sudi oil. Indian stock markets will be caught between positive news of stimulus for the Housing sector and exports and negative impact of jump in Oil prices which will drive inflation and budget deficit higher. Shares of India’s biggest company, Reliance Industries, will be in focus since this company had done a major deal with Aramco just last month and had enjoyed an 11% jump on that news in a single session.

We will not speculate what will happen in world stock markets on Monday, but wait and see how resilient markets prove. Big investors will not let their money go down the drain so easily. One thing is sure, every segment of financial markets will witness huge volatility on Monday. Currency, commodities, stocks, bonds- all could see a churning. We’ll be there to report it all for you.

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US Stock Markets Today: Agonizing Wait for Range Breakout

13 September 2019 (8:59 am EDT)

US stock futures were trading with good gains till an hour ago, and it seemed that we may see a range breakout today in Us stock markets. Since then, stock futures have trimmed their gains and perhaps, the agonizing wait for that breakout will continue. 

If US stock markets trade lower than yesterday’s closing, then we’ll have a rangebound session today. Only if major indexes cross above the previous high mark, we can hope for a bigger positive trend.

Right now, US stock futures are subdued and only some good news can perk the trend up. After yesterday’s extremely volatile trend, traders will remain cautious today. 

Watch intraday range levels given on our Pivot Trading page for day trading. These levels are:

US stock markets are expected to open positive and trade within yesterday’s broad range. These markets are in an uptrend, very close to the all-time high levels, but need some big positive news to get across that line. We’ll have to wait and see if that happen today.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Trend Reversal Within Weekly Range

13 September 2019 (8:36 am IST)

yesterday, we had warned our readers that Nifty was creating negative signals and facing “significant resistance at weekly 9-DMA near 11,077.”

 True to that, Nifty reversed its trend even after a higher opening and closed highly negative fro the day. Bank Nifty, which was highly positive as the Indian rupee recovered smartly, also gave up most of its gains as Sensex and Nifty both tumbled.

Today, SGX Nifty is trading negative, near its previous low mark which indicates that Indian stock markets may continue their previous downtrend. In the last few weeks, these markets have been strictly rangebound ina broad weekly range and have been having minor up and down trends within that range. It seems that now these markets have finished their minor uptrend and have started another minor downtrend.

In between, there will be many support levels and bounces, but traders can now focus more on resistance levels and look for selling opportunities.

  You can find intraday range levels on our Pivot Trading page, which are: 

Indian stock markets are expected to trade under pressure as global cues also turn choppy and subdued. Nothing is ever certain in markets, but at this hour, it looks like these markets are completing the cycle of a minor downtrend from range resistance levels after a minor uptrend from the range support levels.

Day traders should wait and let markets cerate an intraday high and low, the trade in the direction of whichever level is broken first.

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World Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Mixed Trend

13 September 2019 (8:36 am IST)

12 September 2019 (11:05 pm EDT)

After a highly volatile previous session in US and European stock markets, global stocks have started the Asia session with mildly positive and a subdued trend.

The European Central Bank’s stimulus program was perhaps not what markets were expecting and it was greeted with a muted reaction for US and European stock markets. Then rumors spread that the US was considering an interim trade deal with China. That triggered a jump in stocks but then this quickly turned into negative numbers when the White House categorically denied that any such interim deal was being considered. Basically, bigger markets didn’t know what was happening and after much senseless trading, these markets closed moderately positive.

Today, US and European stock futures are slightly positive at the time of writing, but there is no certainty that the intraday trend will be positive too. Asian stock markets are also trading with mild gains. SGX Nifty is slightly negative, indicating no recovery from yesterday’s negative trend.

Expect world stock markets to trade with high volatility and mixed numbers, as the much-hyped ECB stimulus has failed to lift markets’ spirits. Markets are expected to trade more on their technical signals in the absence of any strong global trend.

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US Stock Markets Today: Subdued Reaction To ECB, Volatile Trend

12 September 2019 (9:11 am EDT)

The European Central Bank’s much-awaited rate cut and stimulus program have arrived but US stock futures and European stock markets have reacted in a very subdued manner.

Markets are now waiting for the ECB press conference but it looks unlikely that any bigger news will be declared there. Going by markets’ reaction, it looks like the ECB stimulus was as big as markets were expecting. So now what? Will markets give up the gains they have accumulated in hopes from the ECB? If that happens, then we could see a negative trend in US stock markets today.

If not, then another positive, but volatile session could be in store for US stocks. In any case, day traders should watch support and resistance levels (given on our Pivot Trading page) which will help them decipher the intraday trend. For major indexes, these levels are:

Expect US stock markets to open with positive numbers. But before the opening bell, US stock futures have not welcomed the ECB stimulus and rate cut announcements by any big jumps. That means, day traders should stay cautious, watch the trend develop in markets after the opening bell, then strictly follow that trend.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: High Open, Volatile Trend

12 September 2019 (8:36 am IST)

SGX Nifty is trading 40 points higher on global cues, indicating a gap up opening in Indian stock markets today. After that, traders will need to watch whether markets continue to trade up or reverse the trend from weekly resistance levels.

Yesterday, Nifty traded rangebound and just before the closing bell, this index broke its hourly support of 9-Day Moving Average and 20-DMA of 30 minutes charts. That was a negative signal but the final closing price showed Nifty recovering and closing above those levels. 

Now today, a gap up opening looks ceratin for Indian stock markets and Nifty will be comfortable above those levels. But the next significant resistance is weekly 9-DMA near 11,077 which had stopped Nifty from going much higher yesterday. Today, Nifty will have to sustain above that level in order to continue its uptrend.

Indian stock markets are still trading sideways in their last four weeks’ range and have been trending in minor up and downtrends within this range. Day traders must wait and watch how markets behave and only start trading after the opening hour’s volatility has settled down. Day trading does not mean jumping in the markets as soon as the opening bell rings.  

Here are today’s intraday support and resistance levels. You can find these on our Pivot Trading page too: 

Expect Indian stock markets to open positive but the intraday trend could remain choppy as weekly Options will have their expiry session today. Currently, these markets are in minor uptrend within a broad, weekly range. But this uptrend has been very volatile and slow-paced as the Indian economy is facing a recession. Today’s session could continue that volatile trading pattern.

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World Stock Markets Today: Rally As US Delays Chian Tariffs

12 September 2019 (8:36 am IST)

11 September 2019 (11:02 pm EDT)

US stock markets rallied in their overnight session and world stock markets are rallying in Asia after the US delayed tariff on some China goods for two weeks “as a goodwill gesture.”

At this hour, all major Asian stock markets are trading high with good gains. SGX Nifty is also up by nearly 40 points. US and European stock futures are continuing their previous rallies.

It is a positive start of the session for global stocks. The trend will depend on US stock futures through the session. As we wrote previously, major US indexes are near their all-time high levels and need just one push to break out of their monthly range restrictions. Most probably, the central bank stimulus and new goodwill between the US and China will provide that boost to US stock markets and global stocks will follow that trend.

For intraday trading, day traders should watch the important support and resistance levels and trade with the trend within those levels. A higher start could turn sideways later in the session.

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US Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Rangebound Trend

11 September 2019 (8:41 am EDT)

US Producer Price numbers have come better than expected, showing the growth in the economy. This could disappoint US stock markets as the Federal Reserve will find it difficult to cut lending rates if the economy keeps leaping up.

US stock futures have already been trading with moderate gains, and now the PPI numbers have ensured that the current volatile and rangebound trend will continue in US stock markets. Although the overall bias is positive in these markets, now major stock indexes have reached close to their monthly range tops which is increasing the volatility and keeping the gains in check. 

To trade rangebound markets, knowing both support and resistance levels is useful. We have provided such levels for major stock indexes on our Pivot Trading page. These levels are: 

US stock markets are expected to maintain their upward momentum but with a slower pace and with high volatility as we have seen in the previous few sessions. Day traders should watch both the support and resistance levels and trade with the dominating trend within those levels. 

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Trapped Between Technical Levels

11 September 2019 (8:50 am IST)

Indian stock markets were closed yesterday and SGX Nifty did a lot of volatile trading during that period. This index fell down by 64 points, then rose to recover those losses, and is now flat, exactly where it had closed with Indian stock markets on Monday. 

That means we can expect Indian stock markets, especially Nifty, to open near the previous closing levels. 

Nifty has been trapped between two strong technical levels. The 20-Day Moving Average on monthly charts (11,050) and the same 20-DMA on daily charts (10,950). That makes this difference the current trading range for Nifty. The big moment will happen only above or below these levels and till that happens, Nifty and broader markets will remain rangebound.

To help with trading the rangebound trend, we have given intraday range levels on our Pivot Trading page. For major indexes, these levels are:

Indian stock markets are expected to trade sideways with global cues. The Indian rupee has also become rangebound and highly volatile. But Indian stocks are expected to follow the trend in bigger markets and trade within their weekly range.

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World Stock Markets Today: Positive Start, Choppy Trend

11 September 2019 (8:50 am IST)

10 September 2019 (11:19 pm EDT)

World stock markets have started with mostly positive numbers in Asia, but US and European stock market futures are struggling to decide on a direction.

As we all know, global stocks are watching the clock tick, waiting for the European Central Bank to announce whatever stimulus it is planing for the eurozone economy. That moment is still many hours away so we can assume that world stock markets will continue their aimless wandering within their weekly range, but holding on to the support levels.

At this hour, all major Asia stock markets are trading with healthy gains; only Shanghai is down with minor losses. US and European stock futures are very, very slightly positive and are slipping towards the red line, hinting at a volatile trend in these futures. SGX Nifty is flat after yesterday’s drop and gains.

Expect world stock markets to remain range-bound and trade with a mixed trend. Asia looks strong at this hour but stock futures of bigger markets are weak which can keep the global trend volatile.

Day traders should follow the technical signals in their local markets and trade with the short term trend in the absence of any clear global trend.

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