India Markets Today: Turning Down After a bounce, Range Bound

13 December 2017 (9:02 AM IST)

India markets have been presenting a classic example of range bound trading pattern in last few weeks. Major indexes continue to trade up to certain resistance levels, then turn down and trade lower till certain support levels, then trade up again.

In last few sessions, these markets saw a bounce back form rage support levels and yesterday, that bounce back ended and major indexes reversed their trend from their important resistance levels.

This trend is expected to continue at least till previous rage support levels. Global cues are negative, India’s inflation numbers came higher yesterday, which may put pressure on banking sector.

Nifty has intra day pivot at 10,265. Support is expected near lower levels of 10,-10,169-10,108 and resistance is expected near higher levels of 10,300-10,361-10,396.

Watch these levels and trade with the trend, which is expected to remain volatile and probably negative on global cues.

You can get pivot levels of all major India indexes here:

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Alabama Senate Election Result Could Determine Trend

13 December 2017 (8:53 AM IST)

12 December 2017 (10:23 PM EST)

The New York Times is predicting over 80% chances of win in favor of the Democrat candidate Doug Jones in closely fought Alabama special Senate election.

And U.S. stock futures have started declining with the news.

European futures are also negative. Asia markets are mostly negative. SGX nifty is down, indicating a lower opening in India markets soon.

The special Senate election in Alabama (U.S.) can determine today’s intra day trend in global stock markets because these will indicate the popular mood in the United States and for/against President Trump, which will indirectly hit his power of taking./ implementing big decisions likes infrastructure stimulus. President Trump had personally endorsed Republican candidate Roy Moore and his defeat can be seen as voters rejecting Trump in this Republican stronghold.

Any weakness in Trump’s authority will increase the political uncertainty and will directly  affect the exuberant mood in U.S. markets. Any weakness in U.S. markets will affect global markets.

And so, a Democrat candidate’s win in Alabama tonight can bring global stocks under pressure.

Watch how your local index trades and follow the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Volatile, Mixed and Range Bound Session

12 December 2017 (8:55 AM EST)

U.S. stock futures are trading mixed, indicating a similarly mixed and volatile session in U.S. markets today.

Two important events are starting today;  special Senate election in Alabama and the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee’s two-day meeting. As written earlier, the Fed will declare its short term monetary policy tomorrow and is expected to hike its lending rates.

Before the opening bell, futures of Dow Jones are trading much higher compared to other major indexes but how the index trades after the opening bell, that will determine its intraday trend.

U.S. markets have been trading in a broad range and are expected to do so even today. So, support and resistance levels will one again play a significant role in intraday trading (see pivot levels of major U.S. indexes here). 

Watch these levels of major indexes and trade with the short term trend which is expected to remain sideways and highly volatile.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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India Markets Today: Volatile, Range Bound on Global Cues

12 December 2017 (9:02 AM IST)

Major India indexes had faced resistance in their previous session near important technical levels.

Today also, those support and resistance levels can play a crucial role in determining intra day trend in India markets.

Global markets are subdued and mixed, which can affect Indian indexes too. Overall, These markets are bouncing back from their range support levels so if major indexes cross above previous sessions’ high level, then that bounce back will continue. Otherwise, we may see a range bound and choppy session in these markets. (check out pivot levels of major indexes here🙂

Nifty has intra day pivot at 10,311. Above this mark, resistance may come near 10,292-10,319-10,368 and support is expected near 10,293-10,264-10,245.

Watch these levels and trade with the short term trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

(Pivot levels of Nifty, Bank nifty, Sensex, Nifty IT)

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World Markets Today: Subdued, Range Bound Before Fed’s Meeting

12 December 2017 (9:02 AM IST)

11 December 2017 (10:32 PM EST)

Global stock markets are now waiting for the Federal Reserve’s last meeting of this year, to be held o Wednesday.

The central bank is expected to add one more hike to its lending rates, which will keep other currencies and Gold under pressure against dollar. It may also keep emerging markets under pressure as their currencies turn volatile. More than the expected rate hike, it will be the Fed’s futures plans about increasing its interest rates what will keep global markets on the verge. The Fed has earlier talked about hiking its rates now that the U.S. economy is improving and the Trump administration is brining its own stimulus in the shape of tax cuts and infrastructure spending.

That is why Asian markets are trading mixed, mostly negative, even after a positive closing overnight in U.S. markets. SGX Nifty is also negative, indicating a subdued opening in India markets today.

Expect global markets to trade with choppiness and remain mostly within last week’s range. The overall sentiment will remain subdued and markets may lurch from support to resistance levels during intraday session.

Watch how your local markets trade and follow the short term trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Choppy, Mixed Intraday Trading Pattern

11 December 2017 (8:35 AM EST)

European markets are trading mostly negative and U.S. stock futures have started fluctuating between red and green on a volatile day. Too many news reports are weighing on markets, so let us take a look at main points:

  • At 9 AM (ET), NBC News will air a sit-down interview of three women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment. Anchor Megyn Kelly will conduct these interviews on “Megyn Kelly TODAY” program. Any kind of serious, substantial allegations can affect market mood. On the other hand, if there is no substantial proof against Trump, then markets will ignore this event.
  • Alabama’s special Senate election will take place tomorrow (Dec 12). The bitterly fought election’s results are expected top start coming in by 8 PM ET and markets could turn jittery before that.
  • One Friday last, U.S. markets had opened with gap up and traded positive. However, on charts, Nasdaq made a negative candlestick by opening high but turning down from those high levels and closing much lower than that.

These factor can make U.S. markets range bound and volatile today.

Nasdaq is continuously facing profit booking at higher level while Dow Jones and S&P 500 are staying firm above their support levels. Expect a mixed opening and trading in U.S. markets today, where major indexes will trade within their intra day support and resistance levels.

Here are the Intra day pivot levels of major U.S. indexes to help you in today’s  trading:

Support/ Resistance for Dow Jones:

For Nasdaq:

For S&P 500:

For Russel 2000:

Traders should watch the opening levels of major indexes, how the trading pattern develops near those levels (resistance is stormer or support) and then trade with the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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India Markets Today: Range Bound, Volatile Trend

11 December 2017 (9:27 AM IST)

India markets have been enjoying a bounce back in last two sessions, and have opened higher today once again.

Nifty has shown stronger buying pressure compared to Bank Nifty, which faced some resistance in its previous session and is still struggling to go higher than its today’s opening level.

That indicates that India markets may see a highly volatile session today where major indexes may struggle near their major resistance levels. If those levels are crossed, then we can expect a continuation of current bounce back inn markets.

Nifty has intra day pivot at 10,243 and resistance is expected near 10,292-10,319-10,368 marks. Support levels are 10,216-10,168-10,141.

Watch these levels and how Nifty trades near these numbers, then trade with the short term trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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World Markets Today: Positive Start, Volatile Pattern

11 December 2017 (9:16 AM IST)

10 December 2017 (10:50 PM EST)

After a positive and high closing in U.S. markets last Friday, lobelia stock markets have started a new week with all round been numbers.

All major Asia markets are trading positive, India markets have opened higher and U.S. and European stock futures are trading with gains.

Global stocks have been trading with high volatility inn recent weeks, that is, chain trends into day , opening high but closing low or, opening low but closing high.

This gives good opportunity for intra day trading so traders should just watch which way their markets trend on any give day and follow that trend. Intra day support and resistance  levels are good indicator for selling at or above/ below such levels.

Watch those levels in your local index, watch if the trend continues in one direction or reverses gears near important support/ resistance levels, then trade with that shoe term trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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US Markets Today: Previous Range Still Dominates

8 December 2017 (9:21 AM EST)

Yesterday,  Dow Jones had opened with slightly low numbers,  in spite of highly negative futures. So, even though U.S. stock futures are quite high before the opening bell,  we will focus on how US market may trade after the opening bell, based on previous closing and not on today’s stock futures.

In lat two weeks, U.S. market had witnessed a decline from the historic high level and now major U.S. indexes are bouncing back from their major support level, thus creating a mini range near the top of their current broader trading rage.

Dow Jones has immediate resistance near 24,300- 24,310 marks. Recently, the index found strong support near 24,100 which is has now become its immediate support. So today, even after a gap up opening, as indicated by stock futures, Dow Jones may face resistance near 24,300 mark and if this index crosses above that level, then it will complete the bounce back cycle, reverse the short term low trend and could continue to trade up.

However, if the index fails to cross above that immediate resistance of 24,300, then we may see a range bound or sideways trading pattern in this index and broader U.S. market.

Similarly,  S&P 500  faces immediate resistance near 2,640 and 2,643 marks.If the index start trading above these marks then it may proceed to trade higher. However if the index fails to rise above those levels,  and turns down from there, it will also turn sideways.

The tech index Nasdaq has been much volatile compared to other indexes and today also, this index will trade within its weekly range, which has seen a higher level of 6,900 to a lower level of 6,734.

Expect U.S. markets to trade with high volatility and remain range bound within this week’s high and low levels. High opening can sometimes make market turn sideways and trade in a narrow range. US market may also see that kind of trading pattern today, or we may see a continuous climb in these markets. Watch the short term trend and trade with it.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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India Markets Today: Range Bound Near Major Support Levels

8 December 2017 (9:40 AM IST)

India markets have opened with a gap up and are trading positive. This has come after a bounce back from the major support levels yesterday and today’s pattern indicate a continuation of that bounce back, at least in the opening trade.

Since markets have opened with a gap, today’s opening level should be watched as current support for markets. Till that level is intact , major indexes will continue to trade higher and now this short term uptrend (as against the previous short term downtrend within a broad range), can go back up to previous range tops, or turn back once again from any resistance level.

Any index/ stock trading above previous high will be considered in an uptrend within their current broad range.

Nifty has moved much higher, above its intra day pivot of 10,137 and first resistance level of 10,212-. It is now trading between second and third resistance of 10,257 and 10,333.


These levels will define Nifty’s intra day trading range. Intra day support levels of 10,091-10,016-9,970 have been left much below but still keep an eye on these levels too, in case markets take a sharp turn.

As written above, today’s opening levels will act as the strongest intra day support and only below those levels, the intra day trend will revers. Otherwise, expect India markets to remain positive and in a short term uptrend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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