US Stock Markets Today: Low Opening, Rangebound Trading

20 July 2018 (8:59 AM, EDT)

U.S. stock futures have declined on same old worries of trade war with China.

Nasdaq futures have been trading highly positive in early session and are still positive by a few points, indicating a volatile and mixed trend in U.S. stock markets.

Yesterday, U.S. stock markets had a lower opening and after that major stock indexes traded in a small range. Today, these markets will either trade in the same manner, or have a bigger negative intraday trend.

Dow Jones is expected to open more than -100 points lower today. That will take it closer to its next support level of 24,900. This mega index had stared the week with a positive trend but these last two sessions of the week have changed that into a negative trend.

Since yesterday’s trading range was smaller and 15-Minutes chart was more helpful in trading within support and resistance levels, the same timeframe can be helpful in tis session too. Based on that timeframe, Dow Jones has support levels near 24,980-24,930 and 24,850.

Day traders should keep these support levels in mind and wait to see if Dow Jones gets strong enough support near any of these levels. If that happens, then the index could trade in an intraday range like yesterday, bunching from support and declining from resistance levels. However, any bigger fall in the index could indicate trend reversal on bigger timeframe.

Expect a volatile and rangebound trend in U.S. stock markets within the weekly trading range. It’s a technical trend so looking for shorter term trades could be bqficial for day traders.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Highly Volatile on Global, Local Cues

20 July 2018 (8:52 AM, IST)

Indian stock markets could remain slow paced and range bound today, as traders and investors will be busy watching the No-Confidence motion debate against the BJP government in the Parliament.

However, global cues are turning negative and that may put pressure on Indian stock markets too.

SGX Nifty is still rangebound within its yesterday’s closing range. Nifty has also found support near 10,930 this week and that support may be tested today.

Nifty’s intraday pivot will be at  10,996. Its support levels will be near  10,926- 10,895-10,855 and resistance is expected near levels of  10,997-11,037- 11,068.

These markets may remain choppy like yesterday. In fact, choppiness and high volatility has become a regular feature of these and all other stock markets with the advent of algo- trading. So, day traders should always looks for short durations and smaller target trades.

Wait and let markets create their intraday trading range. Then trade within that range with the dominating trend which may remain weak but within broader range.

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World Stock Markets Today: Choppy, Rangebound Technical Trend Continues

20 July 2018 (8:52 AM IST)

19 July 2018 (11:23 PM EDT)

World stock markets have started this last session of the week with mixed numbers. this indicates that Thursday’s local and technical trend will continue in this closing session of the week.

Asian stocks markets are trading mixed with some positive and some negative numbers. SGX Nifty is marginally negative but within its half an hour’s range since yesterday.

U.S. and European stock futures are highly negative at the time of writing, indicating a negative opening and perhaps the continuation of last session’s negative trend.

Day traders should continue to trade based on technical levels, which can be seen from weekly to hourly charts. Consult those charts, see the major support and resistance levels and trade between those levels with the short term trend.

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US Stock Markets Today: Lower Opening, Volatile in Previous Range

19 July 2018 (9:16 AM, EDT)

As we had written in our post about world stock markets, that the momentum was turning slow in U.S. stock futures and DAX (Germany) faces resistance; that has come true and all these numbers have turned considerably negative through the session.

DAX has reversed its trend from yesterday and is trading downwards today.

U.S. stock futures are also negative with considerable margins, indicating a gap down opening in U.S. stock markets today.

That would mean major indexes will trade within their previous session’s or this week’s range.

For Dow Jones, yesterday’s opening level (25,100) has becomes its first major support. Below that, 25,000 will provide second major support. On the higher side, 25,300 is still intact as its major resistance level. So, these levels create the immediate trading range for Dow Jones.

On weekly charts, this is the third positive week for Dow Jones, making perfect “V” with three weekly negative candlesticks before that. On monthly charts too, Dow Jones faces resistance nearby (25,400) so, technical traders are getting ready for a trend reversal in this mega index.

However, in stock markets, all levels are broken sometime or the other. We just need to wait and see if this time Dow Jones will break those higher levels or obey those and reverse its trend.

Right now, it looks like a choppy and range bound intraday trend for U.S. stock markets. Any index that falls below previous session’s low mark, will see more losses. On the other other hand, any index that stays within previous session’s low and high mark will obviously trend sideways in this session.

Day traders should wait for markets to complete their initial volatile opening ritual and establish a trend. After that, trading with that trend for short durations will be the best intraday trading strategy.

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India Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Under Pressure on Political Concerns

19 July 2018 (8:39 AM, IST)

Indian stock markets had a mid-session crash yesterday when news broke out that a No-Confidence motion has been accepted for debate and voting in the Parliament against the current Government.

This has happened for the first time in 15 years and made markets nervous since next general elections are hardly 8-9 months away in India.

From day’s high, Nifty fell more than -100 points and closed below its major support/resistance level of 11,000. Bank Nifty also closed below its major level of 27,000.

SGX Nifty had started the session with a slight bounce back but those gains are quickly reducing and now SGX Nifty is about to fall below 11,000 level Haggai, indicating a weak  trend in this Nifty’s futures index.

The No-Confidence motion against the Modi Government will be tabled and debated in the Parliament on Friday and Indian stock markets are expected to remain under pressure till the outcome of voting on that motion. If the government wins it, Indian stock markets could see a bounce back. However, if by any chance, the government loses the trust-motion and falls, Indian markets could see heavy correction.

So, we have two days of high suspense and drama in Indian stock markets. Day traders MUST trade with strict stop losses in such volatile conditions. Intraday pivot levels will be good indicators of where markets find resistance. these levels are given on our Pivot Trading page. Different levels for individual stock indexes are:

Nifty will have intraday pivot at 11,004. Obviously, this level will be important in indicating the intraday support or resistance for the index. Other resiatcne levels will be near  11,052-11,124- 11,172 and support levels will be near 10,932- 10,884-10,812.

Watch these levels, wait fro markets to establish an intraday trend then follow that trend.

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World Stock Markets Today: Choppy, Momentum Slowing Down

19 July 2018 (8:23 AM, IST)

18 July 2018 (10:53 PM, EDT)

U.S. stock markets and a choppy and mostly rangebound trading pattern in their overnight session. These trend setting markets are losing momentum as the week nears its closing session.

This same slow paced and rangebound trend is visible in world stock markets’ Asia session today.

Major Asian stock markets are trading positive but with subdued numbers. SGX Nifty is nearly 30 higher after a big intraday crash yesterday, indicating a choppy trend for Indian stock markets.

U.S. and European stock futures are positive but with smaller margins. DAX (Germany) rallied yesterday and broke out of its intraday range but on monthly charts, this trend-setting European stock index is close to its store monthly resistance (12,828) and could turn rangebound near this levels.

Expect global stock markets to trade mostly on their own technical and local cues. This week’s trading pattern has been quite choppy and global stocks could trade within their weekly range.

Day traders should continue to watch for intraday support and resistance levels, based on weekly and monthly technical charts. That will help them find the intraday trading range and short term trends. Trade with those short term trends for quick trades since markets choppiness can trigger trend reversals quickly.

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US Stock Markets Today: Choppy, Technical Trend To Continue

18 July 2018 (9:00 AM, EDT)

U.S. stock futures are trading near their previous close, slightly negative after the European Union slapped $5 billion fine on Google.

That news may have some impact on Google’s intraday trading pattern and thus, on Nasdaq’s intraday trend.

Other than that, U.S. stock markets are in a storm position as the U.S. economy continues to improve.

The overall trading pattern is mixed in these markets. Dow Jones and S&P 500 are broadly range bound while the small cap index Russell 2000 and the tech index Nasdaq are in an uptrend.

This trading pattern is expected to continue, generating much volatility in U.S.. stocks, as we have seen recently.

Dow Jones is in a small range this week, facing target/ resistance of  25,300 and support of 25,000. Other indexes are expected to trade within their previous session’s trading range. Any index /stock that trades above previous high will be in s strong position for accumulating gains while any index falling below its previous low will be at risk of more losses.

The first sign of weakness or strength in any index will be its position in relation to it intraday pivot levels. If the price falls below intraday pivot, it will be a negative signal but if it trades above that pivot level, then it will indicate strength in that entity.

For major U.S. stock index, these intraday pivot levels are provided on our Pivot Trading page. Or, choose from any of these:

A choppy and mixed trading session in expected in U.S. stock markets today. The weekly trend has been positive till now so day traders should look for support at any dip- if it comes.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Positive Open, Choppy Trend Near Higher Levels

18 July 2018 (8:26 AM, IST)

This week, Indian stock markets have been highly volatile on daily basis, by dropping in the first session, then rallying in the second to wipe out this losses and closing above major support levels again.

Federal Bank provided a boost to Bank Nifty with its excellent results and Indian stock markets rallied with the banking sector yesterday.

Nifty again went and closed above 11,000 mark. Bank Nifty also closed above its crucial levels of 27,000 and actually closed higher than the previous week. This indicates a weekly uptrend in  Bank Nifty.

Today, SGX Nifty is pointing to a higher open. Indian stock markets have consolidated their minor uptrend by yesterday’s bounce back and now, it remains to be seen if yesterday’s uptrend will continue or higher resistance levels will turn these markets rangebound?

To know this, watch how major indexes trade near their resistance levels. These levels are provided on our Pivot Trading page. Separately, these levels are:

Nifty’s previous high was 11,018 and this level will be the first support level of the day. Below this level, Nifty will turn rangebound.

For Nifty, intraday pivot will be at 10,984 and this levels is expected to provide second support of the day, as Nifty is expected to open much higher from this level.

Other support levels will be near 10,949- 10,891-10,856 and resistance levels are 11,042-11,076- 11,135.

Day traders should wait till the initial volatility subsides and markets create a trend. after that, follow that trend as long as the trend line is intact.

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World Stock Markets Today: Positive Opening, Technical Trend

18 July 2018 (8:26 AM, IST)

17 July 2018 (10:51 PM, EDT)

U.S. stock markets rose from the bottom of the day and climbed higher to close positive after the Fed’s Chairman Powell talked about growing economy.

Nasdaq hit a new record high even though the corporate media, like CNBC have been predicting that “tech stocks are going to sink on Tuesday”.

Dow Jones opened low but resumed its weekly positive trend and notched more gains for this week.

Asian stock markets are trading higher following that uptrend in U.S. stock markets. All major Asian stock markets are trading with positive numbers at the time of writing. even China markets have broken their negative trend and are trading positive in early session today.

SGX Nifty is nearly 40 Points higher in early trade, indicating a gap up opening in Indian stock markets today.

As we keep writing, world stock markets are trading in a broad, yearly range this year and within that range, monthly and weekly trading ranges keep stocks markets having minor up and down trends.

This technical trend and fixed range levels are excellent for day trading as one can anticipate a bounce after a fall and a reversal after rallies.

This support and resistance can come in in various time-frames. Sometimes, when stock markets start trading sideways in a small range, that becomes visible in a few hours’ charts. Sometimes, the range is broader and can be judged by the daily/ weekly or monthly charts.

Day traders should keep consulting all time-frames to know the range in their local index. Then, follow the short term trend within that range for their trades.

World stock markets have stared this session with a similar positive trend. Later in the session, different indexes will trade based on their individual trend and support and resistance levels. So, some markets may continue to climb, some may turn sideway and trade in their own range.

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US Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Volatile Intraday Trend Within Previous Week’s Range

17 July 2018 (9:12 AM EDT)

Tech index Nasdaq’s futures are showing more negative numbers but Dow Jones futures are still within last session’s gains, indicating a mixed trend in U.S. stock markets.

Dow Jones had stared the week with positive numbers yesterday and the index may try to hold on to this gains. SO this index will have yesterday’s high and low mark as its immediate trading range.

Other major indexes had a negative closing in the previous sessions so their immediate trading range will be within last week’s high and low marks.

Any index that trades below previous low will be at a risk of losing more while any index that trades above intraday pivot will have chances of making more gains. Any any index that trades above previous day’s high mar will obviously be in a positive trend.

For major U.S. stock index, today’s pivot levels of are provided on our Pivot Trading page. These levels can provide the first glimpse of opening levels of major stock indexes. Individually, these levels are:

Expect a volatile intraday trend in U.S. stock markets today. Major indexes could trade in different manners, keeping with the individual support and resistance levels.

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