US Stock Markets Today: Intraday Trend Can Turn Volatile, Rangebound

23 January 2018 (8:26 AM EST)

U.S. stock markets may see a volatile trading pattern today and major index may remain range bound. Dow Jones futures have made some highly volatile moves in last an hour, goin abruptly up and down within minutes, which indicates that broader markets may face a similar choppy intraday trading pattern.

U.S. stock futures had started with positive numbers in Asia session and then a few hour ago, dipped in negative on news reports about an earthquake near Alaska and tsunami warnings for U.S. West Coast.

Even after the tsunami warning was retracted, U.S. stock futures have remained nearly flat, not giving any indications of the upcoming trend.

In such situation, day traders can always turn to their best day trading tools, pivot levels or support and resistance levels, that will help them see how the trend develops in markets after the opening bell. You can check these levels on for major U.S. indexes on our related pivot trading page, or check here:

Dow Jones pivot levels

Nasdaq 100 pivot levels

S&P 500 pivot levels

Russell 2000 pivot levels

Knowing how to day trade in stock markets is no big deal; but problems arise when day traders become biased about market-trend. Instead of thinking how markets should/ would trend, just focus on how markets ARE trending and follow that trend.

Observe support and resistance levels, watch how markets behave near those levels and then trade with the short term trend.

When U.S. stock futures to worried about Alaska earthquake and tsunami warning :

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Alaska Earthquake, Tsunami Warning: US Stock Futures Turn Negative

23 January 2018 (6:41 AM EST)

U.S. stock futures have slumped in negative after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Gulf of Alaska in early morning hours Tuesday and a tsunami warning was issued for Alaska and the U.S. West Coast.

Residents of Kodiak, the Alaskan island near the earthquake’s epicenter have been warned about an impending tsunami and have been advised to evacuate to higher grounds for safety.

U.S. stock futures, that were trading marginally positive in global session, have slumped into the red after the tsunami warning to the West Coast. California, Washington and Oregon are among the regions on watch for tsunami.

European stock markets have also trimmed their earlier gains.

The Dollar index remain positive. The drop in U.S. stock futures is not much and may not reflect on broader day trend after the opening bell.

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Nifty- Bank Nifty Rally, Warning Signals Flash

23 January 2018 (7:46 AM IST)

SGX Nifty has lost nearly half of its earlier gains, and Indian stock market charts are flashing some serious warning signals. So, day traders should become cautious now because these markets can turn volatile at current high levels.

The RSI indicator in technical charts of major Indian indexes, has crossed over 90% which shows extremely overbought conditions and it should make day traders really cautious about their long trades.

The market trend in Indian stocks has been steeply higher in recent few sessions. Day trading is all about following the trend so as long as the trend is up, day traders should continue to follow that trend, but avoid takin long positions and look for short term profit booking at this stage.

For intraday trading, take help of support and resistance levels of major Indian indexes even on our pivot trading page.

For intraday trading in Nifty, pivot mark will be at 10,940. Above this mark, resistance is expected near  11,000-11,034-11,094 and support is expected near lower levels of 10,906-10,847-10,813.

Bank Nifty has been in a store uptrend since it broke out of its range a few days ago. That trend may continue till the index reaches its important resistance levels. Check those levels           on our pivot trading page or here:

Bank Nifty Pivot Levels for Today

Nifty Pivot Levels for Today

Nifty IT Pivot Levels for Today

Sensex Pivot Levels for Today

This is how Indian stock markets were preparing for their previous intraday trading session:

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World Stock Markets Today: Trend Turns Positive, US Shutdown Ends

23 January 2018 (7:46 AM IST)

22 January 2018 (9:16 PM EST)

For day traders around the world, here is an update how world stock markets are behaving at the start of a anew session, information that can help them plan their day trading strategies.

The good news is, the U.S. government shutdown has ended. U.S. stocks rallied after this small hiccup was removed from their current uptrend.

Asian stock markets are also trading positive in their opening session and SGX Nifty is trading with +40 points’ gains in its starting session, indicating a positive opening for Indian stock markets later today.

European stock futures are U.S. stock futures are also positive at the time of writing.

Global stock markets have been in an uptrend recently, led by U.S. stock markets, and that uptrend is expected to continue in today’s intraday session.

For those small traders seeking to make a living by intraday trading, it will be a good idea to plan their trade entries and profit booking targets near intraday support and resistance levels. If you are not planning your day trading strategies in advance, then you are basically getting ready to fail in your day trading.

You can get some tips about how to day trade and how to get into day trading on our How To Day Trade page.

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US Stock Markets Today: Slow Paced, Volatile Intraday Trend

22 January 2018 (8:36 AM EST)

Global stock markets completely ignored the U.S. government’s shutdown and goin by U.S. stock futures it seems that U.S. stocks are also goin to do the same; although in a subdued manner.

Asian stock markets traded mostly positive, Indian markets rallied and major European stock markets are all trading positive. Nasdaq futures have turned positive and S&P 500 futures are just below the previous close, inching forward, trying to turn positive. Only Dow Jones futures are showing double digit losses at the time of writing.

These trading trends indicate that U.S. stock markets may trade in a volatile and mixed manner, but remain within their current uptrend. Stocks and indexes will probably see buying support at lower level, as usually happen during uptrends

Where will this intraday support come? You can check pivot levels to know that. We have given intraday pivot levels for major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page You can check those levels here also:

Dow Jones pivot points

Nasdaq 100 pivot points

S&P 500 pivot points

Russell 2000 pivot points

For day trading these pivot points or support and resistance levels provide excellent trade entry and profit booking targets. Thanks to the advent of algo- trading, now markets are ruled by big trades based on these technical levels. So small day traders can just follow these levels and it will help them easily spot the  intraday trading  trend.

Take help of these pivot levels and plan your day trading strategy for U.S. stocks or indexes today.

This is how global stocks had started their session earlier:

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Volatile on Global Cues, Bank Nifty Can Dominate Trend

22 January 2018 (7:42 AM IST)

SGX Nifty is trading flat today, waiting for Indian stock markets and create their own intraday trading trend.

Bank Nifty had staged a positive breakout last week and rallied to close the week with big gains. Nifty also gained on the back of this banking sector rally and closed near 10,900 rank.

Indian stock markets have been enjoying a pre- budget rally till now. Bank Nifty has surged on reports of suggestions before the government to open 100% FDI in private banks.

Last week closed with bi gains for Indian stocks. Both Nifty and Bank Nifty stopped near their major levels that can act both as a support or a resistance.

So, it will be interesting to see if Bank Nifty, followed by Nifty, can continue to climb and cross another milestone, or sees any profit booking at current levels.

To know which way the intraday trend will turn, day traders can use daily support and resistance levels. For trading in Nifty, today’s pivot level will be at 10,865. This means, above this level, Nifty will have more positive bias, but below this level Nifty may face selling pressure till next support.

These Nifty support levels for day trading will come near 10,823-10,752-10,710 marks.

In case Nifty continues to trade up, then resistance is expected near 10,936-10,978-11,049 mark.

These pivot levels provide excellent intraday profit targets, both for short and long positions. That is why day traders should keep an eye on these intraday levels to judge the short term trend and plan their trade entry or exit moves.

You can check pivot levels of major Indian stock indexes on our pivot trading page; or check those here:

Nifty pivot levels for today

Bank Nifty pivot levels for today

Nifty IT pivot levels for today

Sensex pivot levels for today

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World Stock Markets Today: Mixed and Volatile Intraday Trend on US Worries

22 January 2018 (7:42 AM IST)

21 January 2018 (9:12 PM EST)

World stock markets are expected to have a mixed, and volatile intraday trading trend on  U.S. government shutdown happening. U.S. stock futures are mildly lower, not showing any big impact and other markets are trading mixed with some positive numbers here and there.

In fact, U.S. stock futures had started recovering on hopes of a positive outcome from the Senate leaders’ talks, but they failed to reach any deal. This disappointing news has increased losses in U.S. stock futures, affecting global stocks too. This pattern indicates that a volatile session lies ahead for global stock markets where markets will react to any positive or negative news regarding this shutdown.

Overall, this political shutdown is not making much impact in world stock markets. U.S. stock futures are showing only mild declines and some of the Asian stock markets have started turning positive. SGX Nifty is trading flat, waiting for Indian stock markets to open and decide how they want to trend today. showing

European market futures are trading with mixed numbers. DAX futures are positive while FTSE 100 futures are in the red.

Expect a choppy and mixed trend in global stock markets today, where regional factors may dominate local cues.

For intraday trading in such conditions, the best trading system will be using pivot levels and trade between support and resistance levels, with the short term day trend.

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US Shutdown, Turkey-Syria Skirmish: Worries for Global Stocks Next Week?

Sunday, 21 January 2018

In a few hours, world stock market will start trading for a new week.

And global stocks will be facing two worries next week; the U.S. government’s showdown and  Turkish military’s ground operations in Syria, attacking U.S. backed militia. This move can further aggravate already tense U.S.- Turkey relations.

The biggest impact of these two negative events will obviously be felt more by U.S. stocks- if there is any impact at all. But global stocks will also suffer if U.S. stock futures decline in the early session in Asian stock markets on Monday.

Interestingly, U.S. stock markets had not shown much worries about an impending federal shut down on Friday last. S&P 500 and Nasdaq had rallied and closed higher. Dow Jones had opened negative but recovered to close slightly positive for the session. The last federal shutdown had happened on Oct 2013 and U.S. stock markets had turned volatile, but not much negative impact was seen at that time in U.S. stocks.

But Turkey’s military incursion within the  Syrian border and its air strikes can make global markets more worried about this new short fuse in global politics.

World stock markets have been in an unabated rally since last one year. In fact, U.S. stock markets have been climbing almost in a straight line since last two weeks. This kind of steep climb sometimes can prove dangerous and any negative event can trigger a markets sell-off.

This is NOT to suggest that U.S. markets face any such risk right now. However, small trader must always remain cautious of such unusual trends in stock markets and keep their positions minimal, and always with a strict stop loss.

We will come to know how global stocks will react to these two developments when Asian stock markets open for trading in a few hours now.

U.S. and European stock futures may lead the trend. A negative early trend in these futures can make other markets subdued too.

However, if U.S. stock futures remain positive, then it will support global stocks too.

Day traders can start preparing for their next week’s trades with the help of daily support and resistance levels of their local index or chosen stocks. You can find pivot levels of major world indexes on our pivot trading page.

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US Stock Markets Today: Day Trend will Remain Volatile on Shutdown Worries

19 January 2018 (8:21 AM EST)

Worries about a government shutdown are looming large on U.S. stock markets and futures have started declining rapidly as opening time approaches U.S. markets.

U.S. stock futures had stared the session with mild gains, then climbed higher and now an hour before the opening bell, futures have started declining.

This indicates the intraday trend can turn highly volatile and stock trading may see intraday trend reversals.

In last few sessions, U.S. stock markets’ trend has been quite choppy and range bound where major indexes have been trading negative and positive in alternate session. Yesterday, major U.S. indexes had closed in the red and although bigger indexes are still range bound, small cap index Russell 2000 has made a bearish engulfing candlestick this week. That means, small cap stocks may see more weakness if markets trade negative today.

The intraday trend in U.S. stock markets will again depend on how major indexes trade near their support and resistance levels. Any index bouncing back from its pivot support levels will indicate short term buying support while any index or stock pausing/ reversing trend from/ near its important resistance levels will hint at selling pressure.

You can check this pivot levels for major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page, or check here:

Intraday Pivot Levels for Dow Jones

Intraday Pivot Levels for Nasdaq 100

Intraday Pivot Levels for S&P 500

Intraday Pivot Levels for Russell 2000

A look at how U.S. futures had started the session:

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Highly Volatile, Speculative Trend Ahead

19 January 2018 (8:22 AM IST)

Today’s intraday trend in Indian stock markets can be highly volatile and speculators may continue to move these markets at their whim. Many important companies will be reporting their quarterly earnings, including 5-6 Nifty companies, with big names like Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, ITC etc which can keep Nifty and other major indexes highly volatile.

SGX Nifty is indicating a positive opening for Nifty and broader stock markets. But the closing can be in any direct- up, down or flat.

Yesterday, we had warned day traders in Indian stocks that a big gap up opening can finish with lower closing. That is exactly, how Nifty needed its previous session.

It was also Bank Nifty’s weekly Options expiration day, and speculators were out in full force, taking the banking index up by 500+ points on the back of only 4 banking stocks, thus hitting all those call sellers who had positions between 26,500- 26,800. The biggest PSU bank, SBI (State Bank of India) traded and closed negative yesterday but what a surprise, Bank Nifty traded and closed positive!

So, day traders in Indian stock markets should always be careful about such speculative moves and trade strictly with the market trend. You may not know what is happening behind the scene but charts will always tell you correctly which way the trend is going and day traders should blindly follow the trend, forgetting everything else.

For intraday trading in Nifty, today’s pivot level will be at 10,828. Resistance is expected near higher levels of 10,875-10,934-10,980 and support may come near lower levels of 10,770-10,723-10,665.

Watch these Nifty levels, watch how the index trades near these levels and follow its trend for day trading.

You can check pivot levels of major Indian indexes on our  pivot trading page, or here:

Nifty pivot level for intraday trading

Bank Nifty pivot level for intraday trading

Nifty IT pivot level for intraday trading

Sensex pivot level for intraday trading

Here is what we had warned day traders about intraday trend in Indian stock markets yesterday.

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