Indian Markets: volatile, negative day ahead

Update: Just as I had predicted, Indian equity benchmarks are trading a negative and volatile zone today. All major indices are down.

Nifty Chart

Rally in European markets has also fizzled out. U.S. markets are bracing for the same results.


After a strong rally yesterday, Indian Markets are facing a volatile and negative trading session today.

Currently, Indian markets ( and others too) look to the U.S. markets for trading clues and U.S. stock futures are down this morning. This has clearly brought down Asian markets like Hang Seng and Straits Times, whereas Nikkei is almost flat with just+15 points gain.

Asian markets chart

Markets world over, including the Indian equity benchmarks had a very strong rally yesterday and today they could pause for a breather.

Expect a negative and volatile day ahead for Indian markets.

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