US markets, others set to fizzle out today

I hate to speak like market experts on TV, who keep harping about how bad the market is.

I actually like to contradict them.

So, today,when they might be telling you good things¬† after two days’ rally, I’m going to go out on a limb again, saying that not only the U.S. markets, but other world markets too are set to see a volatile and a negative trade session ahead.

Here are the signals:

– U.S. stock futures are down.

USstock futures

-Asian markets have already started trading in red this morning (Hong Kong, Singapore). Nikkei of Japan is hovering near the balance line.

The signals for today’s bearish trade were generated yesterday itself, during the closing hours of trading in U.S. stocks. The selling pressure took over and Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500- all came down much lower than their earlier highs.

I would also like to say, don’t listen to the reasons being dished out by experts that this crisis or that crisis will affect the trading today.

It’s just that the markets need a breather after such long rallies. I am hoping for better sessions ahead.


I’ll discuss later:-))

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