Indian markets : lower opening, higher closing today?

Update: Indian markets have turned green with marathon run uphill after a gap down opening; just as I had predict- (I am starting to get sick of this phrase “just as I had predicted”:(((((….)
Nifty chart

So, trader-friends, enjoy your time now. World markets are going to thumb their collective noses on those tv experts who had been clamoring about a bear market:))

Yesterday Indian markets had a green opening, saw some volatile trade and ended in red. Today, markets might see a lower opening, but indications are we might see a higher closing by the end of the day.

Nifty chart

U.S. markets had closed down much lower yesterday, but today, U.S. stock futures have recovered from a lower position. SGX Nifty, that is Nifty futures traded in Singapore exchange, is also exhibiting same trend; opened lower and then a steady recovery.

I guess, If Indian markets open lower today, we might see a higher closing for the day.

Two more sessions to go before the new contracts begin. I am expecting a positive month ahead for markets.

Till then, enjoy intra-day trading in Indian markets.

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