US markets closed in red, but better days ahead

Update: U.S. Stock futures have recovered very fast in early trade and are turning positive.  Even though yesterday markets had come down, I was hopeful for better, positive sessions ahead as yesterday’s trading volume was lower than the previous sessions’ rally-volume. That showed that people were more interested in BUYING than in selling.

I expect world markets to turn positive sooner than I had expected:) Only-I repeat, only a real bad news will have the strength to change course of markets now. Otherwise the “Stockship Enterprise” will continue with its forward momentum:)


As I had written yesterday, the world markets were set to have a negative day; and they did.

US charts

In summery, this is what happened yesterday; U.S. markets opened high, and as charts had indicated, higher opening will cause lower closing, all three major U.S. equity benchmarks closed down heavily in red.  Nasdaq and S&P 500 closed down by more than 2%, whereas Dow Jones was lower by 1.61% at closing.

That was what happened yesterday. Today, world markets are again signaling a negative trading day ahead. Most probably a gap down opening for all markets.

U.S. stock futures are down quite a bit and taking cue from them, Asian markets have opened deep in red. Indian markets will definitely follow the same route as they also look to the US futures for opening trade.

Enjoy some short positions today, I’ll be back with good news sooner than you expect. Yes, I’m positive on markets in near future. Why? I’ll tell later:) Keep watching this space till then!

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