Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

US markets today: Crawling in a range

Aug 13, 2012 Update: (11:40AM EDT) Is this the sight for sore eyes that traders had been waiting for since last week? At least I had been:) 🙂 Looks like U.S. markets didn’t like my description of their trading pattern … Continue reading

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Indian markets Today: Flat opening, volatile trade

13 Aug, 2012 Update: (5:30PM IST) This is what happens if I take my eyes off from the markets for a few hours!! Nifty went from day’s low (5311) to day’s high (5349). Ah, but it has still not broken … Continue reading

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World Markets today: Dull, waiting for European auctions

13 Aug, 2012 (8:20AM IST) Aug 12, 2012 (10:50pm EDT) Bah- blah-blah blah- that’s financial channels’ anchors trying to bring some excitement in markets today. Quite-quite-quite-quite- that’s markets today. Not even ants are moving in world markets right now, all … Continue reading

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