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US Markets Today: In shadow of taper, waiting for jobs data

Nov 21, 2013, (7:39AM EST) Guys.. my calculator broke again 🙁 …. I was trying to count my profits (*hehe* :)) I don’t know about you but for me, looks like markets are playing a re-run of yesterday’s movie. Another … Continue reading

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Indian markets today: How low Nifty will go?

21 Nov, 2013 (8:16AM IST) I want to give special thanks to Indian markets for indicating that the tapering was coming soon 🙂 If you check this Nifty chart, it shows one big, swooping down movement that cracked the index … Continue reading

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World Markets Today: Lower on Fed’s taper shock

21 Nov, 2013 (8:10AM IST) Nov 20, 2013, (9:40pm EST) Welcome back to an awesome session in world markets today; exclusively for bears, sponsored by the Fed! 🙂 As you all know by now, the Federal Reserve’s meeting minutes made … Continue reading

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