World Markets Today: Pausing before Fed Chair Speech

29 Mar, 2016, (8:44 AM IST)

Mar 28, 2016, (11:14pm EDT)

Global markets have started the first full session since last week’s holidays. European markets will start their trading week today but everybody is focused on U.S. markets where a number of major economic reports will be released on Tuesday and the Fed Chair Janet Yellen will deliver a speech in New York around 11.30 AM local time.

In Asia, almost all markets are trading negative as Oil futures keep going down. Crude Oil futures are close to breaching the support of $39. If that happens, then major Asian and European markets might see some selling pressure. U.S. stock futures might follow the same pattern.

SGX Nifty is flat, indicating pressure on Indian markets too, where big selling was seen yesterday.

Expect global markets to trade with volatility and mostly under negative pressure. An April rate hike from the Fed is being talked about more and more with every passing day, restricting the up side in global markets.

Watch the trend line in your local index and trade with the dominant trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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