US Markets Today: Weekly Range Continues to Hold

4 May 2017 (9:18 AM EDT)

European markets are rallying and U.S. index futures are also showing gains before the opening bell.

Despite of that, it looks possible that U.S. markets will remain within their this week’s trading range, which, for Dow Jones has been relatively small. Going by higher futures, Dow Jones may open near 21,000 mark that has been a strong resistance for the index since last month. If it breaks above 21,000 by significant numbers, then the current range will be breached and a new uptrend could start.

However, of Dow Jones reverses from near 21,000 then this index and broader U.S. markets will remain range bound and bounce back and forth between resistance and support levels.

Watch those levels and follow the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!



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