World Markets Today: Range Bound on Upper Side

30 August 2017

U.S. markets ignored all that so called North Korea missile launch over Japan and after a low opening, climbed up to cover all the opening gap and gained some more to close positive. If you, like me, also believe that NK is nothing but state created scarecrow then this about turn in U.S. markets should not have surprised you. Bigger players know what is real and what is fake, so they ignored the fake and went about their business as usual.

As a result, global markets are also trading mostly positive today. Asian markets staged a comeback rally, Indian markets also had a big gap up opening and since then, have been building up on those gains.

European markets are expected to open higher after yesterday’s negative session. U.S. stock futures are positive in anticipation of President Trump’s tax reforms related speech on Wednesday. That speech will be the main catalyst for U.S. markets and in turn, global markets.

Expect a range bound session in global markets but this time, the range will be on the positive side. Ignore all those mainstream media’s fear inducing headlines and trade with the trend which is currently range bound within a broad uptrend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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