World Markets Today: Range Bound, Volatile Pattern

31 August 2017 (8:25 AM IST)

30 August 2017 (10:55 PM EDT)

U.S. markets continued a range bound and positive but mixed trading pattern in their overnight session, and global markets are following that pattern.

Major Asian markets are showing a mixed, with some trading positive and some negative. SGX Nifty is nearly -20 points lower, indicating a lower/flay opening for India markets later today. U.S. and European stock futures are positive but with very thin margins, which is keeping global markets under pressure.

Expect global stocks to trade within their current range where major support and resistance levels will continue to dominate the trading pattern, keeping it highly volatile. Buying near support and selling near resistance would be a better trading strategy. Trading for smaller duration and profits, keeping a strict stop loss and reducing the numbers of trades will be good money management options.

Watch how your local index trades within its range and follow the pattern.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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