World Markets Today: Starting the Week with Relief Rally

11 September 2017 (8:18 AM IST)
10 September 2017 (10:48 PM EDT)

Global stock markets have started a new week with a relief rally. Markets had closed with anxieties last week that North Korea will probably test another missile over the weekend.

But that did not happen and as a result, everywhere, stocks are showing big jumps.

Asian markets are trading positive in early hours. SGX Nifty has gained big numbers, indicating a gap up opening in India markets later today. U.S. and European stock futures are rallying, indicating a positive open in these big markets if nothing goes wrong later in the session.

However, global markets will still remain range bound and choppy and will continue to trade within their broader weekly range like previous couple of weeks. That means, traders should watch major support and resistance levels of their local indexes and trade within those levels for short term profits.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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