World Markets Today: North Korea Fear Pushes Stocks Down

22 September 2017 (9:01 AM IST)

21 September 2017 (11:31 PM EDT)

As you all can see, Asia stock markets are down, U.S. markets had a negative closing overnight, U.S., European stock futures and SGX Nifty are highly negative because North Korea fear is back again, this time with a threat of nuclear detonation in the Pacific Ocean.

Personally, I believe NK to be a stage managed hoax, (but then, everyone is not as intelligent as I :)) and I take this negative session as a normal correction course in climbing global markets.

If you follow the action of markets and trade only with the support and resistance levels, you will always be in a safe place. We have been witnessing a sideways pattern developing in some markets while U.S. markets have been creating an uptrend. So for those big markets, today’s negative session will be a breather and for sideways markets, it will probably bring a trend reversal till range support levels.

Watch how your local markets trade and follow the trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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