World Markets Today: Subdued on Geopolitical Worreis

25 September 2017 (8:59 AM IST)

24 September 2017 (11:29 PM EDT)

German federal election results have come mixed and Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to form a coalition government. That would mean compromises and political instability which markets do not like. U.S. and North Korea continue to threaten each other with war and destruction, providing another worry for stock markets.

As a result, global markets have started a new week with subdued numbers. Asia markets are trading mixed, U.S. and European stock futures are slipping down and SGX Nifty is also negative, hinting at a weak opening in India markets.

Expect global markets to trade under pressure. European markets may dominate the global trend later today and right now, it seems that those markets may have a negative session today.

The trend may remain choppy and mixed. Watch your local index and trade within its major support and resistance levels.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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