US Markets Today: Volatile Session on Tax Reform Hopes, Political Worries

20 November 2017 (9:17 AM EST)

After starting with considerably negative numbers in Asia session, U.S. stock futures and European markets have turned feebly positive.

Although U.S. stock futures are just mildly positive, but considering these numbers had to first erased starting losses, the gains are considerable and show buying support to stocks as U.S. markets continue to fluctuate between tax reform bill hopes and political uncertainty at home and in Europe.

U.S. markets had traded and closed negative in the last session. So today’s immediate trading range will be between previous session’s high and low and a broader range ¬†will be between lats two week’s high and low levels.

As usually happen in range bound markets, volatility levels will remain high and support/ resistance levels will play major role in dominating intra day trend.

Watch those levels on hourly chart and trade with the short term trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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