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US Stock Markets Today: Weak, Mixed Trend on China Trade Talks

18 May 2018 (9:19 AM EDT) U.S. stock futures are trading negative as U.S. stocks wait for China- U.S. trade talks and its results. As we had written in our previous post about global stock markets, right now the trend … Continue reading

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Range Bound Trend on Political Issues

18 May 2018 (8:16 AM IST) Indian stock markets continue to be dominated by political tussle after Karnataka Assembly elections, in which no party got a clear mandate to form a government. The matter has gone to the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Volatile, Technical Trend Continues

18 May 2018 (8:16 AM IST) 17 May 2018 (10:47 PM EDT) World stock m markets are owing through a very mixed trend and technical trend which is been dominated signals and levels on technical charts. The trend is so … Continue reading

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