A special note of thanks, to this universe and to readers

Feb 21, 2013

Okay, my plans of an “international holiday” got cancelled because Nifty escaped falling by -100 points margin (*grin*).

Also Dow Jones went to sulk in a corner because I didn’t declare holiday when it fell down by -100 points in last session. It didn’t like special treatment being promised for Nifty. So guys, I’m back to babble some more and spread some more craziness in this world.

Before that, let me thank this universe which has been quite kind to my friends this week, giving them various gifts- and as a result, pleasing me a lot.


Yup, like the Dollar index, my best friend. Look how it’s shooting up!



And then there are other “index friends” which have been falling by big margins and adding to my happiness. (*grin)

And then, my trader friends in Indian markets who had placed their trust in me by subscribing to our free week of NSE futures trading recommendations. Just today, I had prayed for them; God, please help them book some profit. And, lo and behold! Our free NSE futures subscription got some awesome results for them!

Boy, making profits in markets is good, but when your friends make profits, trust me, it feels amazing!  (especially when it happens immediately after your prayers *hehe*.)

And now, a few thanks to those who have joined us in these last few days. Going by your mail ids, thank you Rakesh, Wes, Elisha,Toney, Rhett, Olin, Saleh, Jewel, Uday, Kamdar, Shailendra, Sang, and Try-Try (good one *grin*).

Thank you for joining this tiny, crazy tavern of stock markets.

Welcome and enjoy the craziness. 🙂


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