European Markets Today: Range bound Session Ahead

 Nov 6, 2014, (2:06AM EST)

I hope you are not getting to bored with the range bound session in European markets?

Me? Of for me, nothing is more boring than uploading pivot levels on this site.  (That’s why sometimes I give it a miss :)) I wish I could find a bootlicker to do these boring bits for me. (bootlickers are the best low IQ tools; lower the real talent, higher the level of boot-licking, stay around no matter how much the whacking, can also be used as doormats 🙂 ). Till that happens, I’ll have to suffer the boring routine because pivot levels are essential for day trading, especially in range bound markets.

I have done my bit of “boring work” today, you can now keep an eye on  resistance levels in European markets, because a jump  up till those levels yesterday, might make markets turn down today.

In U.S. markets yesterday, S&P 500 and Dow Jones staged another positive breakout, but the tech index Nasdaq ended lower, in negative. Why? I’ll tell you the real reason later 🙂

Not much is going to happen in markets till Mr. Draghi speaks, which is still many hours away. A slow paced, range bound trading pattern in expected in European markets in early hours of the session.

Except, of course, if any rumor, speculation or insider information about the ECB’s decision filters through. Then one can expect a sudden and bigger trend in markets. Uptrend will indicate positive signals about the QE, downtrend would mean, no QE at least for now from the ECB.

So, humor yourself till then. I’ll go and check if my company can get a place in S&P 500 :). ( If you are dreaming, why not dream big 🙂  )

Good luck, have fun, enjoy the day in stock markets!

See you later.

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