European stock markets: Elections in EU

May 24, 2014,( 7:35AM EDT)

Dear Readers,

I had hoped for a zombie-like weekend where you, me and all of us will turn into couch potatoes or zombies and eat and sleep and snore so loudly that our neighbors will pray to God to open stock markets soon and get rid of our pestering presence 🙂

Alas, you all decided to keep arriving on the site ( On a Saturday? So many readers? And I thought I was the craziest one! 🙂 )

Also, Europe decided to go for various elections over the weekend.

So, I too had to work and have brought you the election news from Europe. Enjoy the political “dose” that might affect stock markets next week  🙂

Election for European Parliament

Over this weekend, the second largest democratic elections in the world are taking place in euro zone. India has just successfully concluded the biggest such elections.

Elections for the European Parliament are taking place across the 28-nation European Union today and will conclude tomorrow

The pre-poll surveys have predicted major gains for anti-EU parties in euro nations. Voters will get a chance to show their disapproval about how the euro-zone debt crisis was handled by the EU. These parties have been highly critical of financial –austerity program which was led by Germany and was finally curtailed when countries like Greece saw a public revolt against austerity measures.

According to a Bloomberg report, these anti-EU parties are expected to double their seats in European Parliament. That would result in more strife and slow down the decision making process in EU as far as financial crisis is concerned.

Bloomberg Reports:  Europe Goes to the Polls as EU Skeptics Poised to Gain

Local election in UK

On Friday, local elections results in U.K. also projected big win for anti-EU party, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

CNBC reports: UK’s anti-EU party big winner in local elections 

Presidential Election in Ukraine:

On the hand, Ukraine is preparing for its Presidential Election on Sunday. A team of observers from the the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)” will monitor the elections and declare the election result on Monday.  Although Russia might refuse to accept the OSCE verdict if it is not favourable to Russian interests in the region.

If European Union decided that Russia has meddled in this election, then on Tuesday, European leaders will consider taking action against Russia in the form of more sanctions.

CNBC Reports: Ukraine, on edge, prepares to vote after bloodshed

That’s the political news. For more news related to stock markets, stay tuned and join our newsletter here.

Have fun, enjoy the weekend!

See you later.

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