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ForexProsThe Forex Charts Powered by Forexpros – The Leading Financial Portal.





ForexProsThe Forex Charts Powered by Forexpros – The Leading Financial Portal.

7 Responses to Forex Charts

  1. Bunny Patraw says:

    Great blog,i found it on AOL.I shall certainly be returning to this blog.

  2. arunoday says:

    Great job…. keep it up! Where are you guys based out of…. do you give personal Financial advice?

  3. suman puri says:

    what shall be the trend of india stock market tommorrow ( 9th July/2013 ) as such
    indian rupee had closed @ 60.91 against dollar. Pls guide


    • Administrator says:

      Hi Suman, market trend is based on many factors, not only on rupees’ trend. Till Indian markets open again tomorrow, various events would have taken place in world markets. All those events will affect tomorrow’s trading pattern. Markets look for different factors on different days to trend. It was a big move in rupee today, it might be Chinese data tomorrow- or something else. Sometimes markets even ignore how rupee is trading if something bigger happens in world markets. Os wait till tomorrow and observe what happens in world markets.

      • Suman says:

        Hi again and feeling top of the world by receiving reply from yourselves. Really I am thankful for giving precious advice. As on 13 aug. Nifty and index had gone up drastically, but INR is still struggling against USD even though Govt had announced some precautionary measures. Now nifty today I 5699 -5700. Does it shows any further indication of uptrend or not. Please please guide me. Thanks Suman

        • Administrator says:

          Hi Suman, thanks for your kind words. Indian markets have bounced back for the bottom. As we sometimes see, Indian markets completely ignore negative economic conditions and rally for God knows what reasons. So, it would be better to hedge your positions if you are short on markets. regards.

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