Global Stock Markets: Local Cues Dominate Intraday Trading Trend

29 December 2017 (9:06 AM IST)

28 December 2017 (10:36 PM EST)

U.S. stock markets closed positive, helped by a positive trading session in big stocks, just as we had anticipated. Dow Jones got a boost from Nasdaq and closed near day’s highest point, which is a positive signal for this mega index.

Asian markets are also trading positive on this last trading session of 2017. The only negative numbers are seen in ASX 200 (Australia), indicating local factors are still dominating global stock markets. SGX Nifty is also marginally positive, hinting at other range bound session for Indian stock markets.

Expect global markets to remain marginally positive in intraday session today. Major indexes will follow their own short term trend so traders should watch how their local markets trade and follow the intraday trend.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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