India Markets Today: Volatile, Range Bound on Local Cues

14 December 2017 (9:42 AM IST)

My apologies for late update. Important political election in biggest and largest democracies are eating into my time. After the Alabama Senate “miracle” in the U.S., all eyes in India are now focused on assemble elections in Gujarat state, where like Trump, his good friend and Indian Prime Minister Modi’s prestige is at stake.

India markets have trued highly volatile before the last phase of polling today in Gujarat ad before exit polls start coming in form tomorrow.

Major indexes in India markets opened positive and since then, have been nosedive in a straight line, without any support till now.

So, one can expect that ingestive session could dominate these markets today, but still traders must not take any trend for grated and should always keep an eye on support levels in such situations.

So, here are Nifty’s intra day picvot, support and resistance levels. (you can check these levels for all major India indexes on our Day Trading by Pivot page.)

Nifty Pivot- 10,219

Support Levels:- 10,143-10,093-10,016

Resistance Levels 10,269-10,346-10,396

Watch these levels and trade with the trend which could remain highly volatile and within last two week’s range.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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