Indian Markets: Free Stock subscription (Futures) for a week!

19 Feb, 2013

Fellow traders, friends!

Happy days are here again! Markets are trending and now we can start positional trading in NSE Futures (as opposed to day-trading in equities for range bound markets).

As promised earlier, we are throwing open the gates of FREE Positional stock subscriptions (NSE Futures ) for a week!

Our last free offer of day-trading stock subscription was warmly welcomed by our Indian readers and since then, we had been waiting for the right opportunity to make the same offer for positional trading.

Now, as markets have taken a trend, and stocks too have stabilized after the earnings season, we can change our trading strategy to positional trading.

So here we are, with a week of FREE stocks subscription for positional trading in NSE Futures.

What do you think? Want to sit back and relax while your trades travel to their targets?

Then send an email to with subject line “Positional trading”  and start receiving your free positional stocks information.

Our monthly subscribers are already on the list, so they don’t have to send any mail for this free offer. ( In fact, they will be the first ones to receive positional trading information from today. Congratulations!).

For others, move your lazy fingers and send that mail.

The offer will remain open till next Tuesday (26 Feb 2013). Feel free to join us on any day till then.

Wishing you an exciting week ahead!

(read about our previous free offer here-

Indian Markets: Free Stock subscription for a Week!)



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