Indian markets today: One more step down in the lower trend

26 Feb, 2013 (8:58 AM IST)

Our subscribers for monthly intra-day stock trading and futures trading (free week offer) have already received their Nifty levels (Futures & Spot) and trading strategy about what to do and what not to do in markets today.

For the rest of the readers from Indian markets; here are main points.

Markets look set for a gap down opening which will take Nifty to the lowest levels of current support  (5830). Basically Indian markets have been inching down one step at a time with gap down openings or lower closing this whole month.

So today, markets will take one more step down the stairs in that direction.

Expect Indian markets to continue their slide down in this slow manner. Union budget is just two days away and markets are not hopeful of any economic reforms as general elections are just a year away.

Here are Nifty levels for the day, keep an eye on rupee’s trading pattern too which will play a role in Bank Nifty’s trading pattern:

Nifty (Spot) Levels


Resistance One:5880
Resistance Two:5906
Resistance Three:5933

Support One:5827
Support Two:5799
Support Three:5773

Good luck, have a great day!



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