Indian Stock Markets Today: Choppy and Rangebound Trend

15 April 2019 (8:55 am IST)

Indian stock markets had a positive closing last Friday, still, their weekly trend was negative.

SGX Nifty is trading flat in early hours, waiting for Nifty to open and starts weekly Trend.

If Indian stock markets turn negative in this first session of the week, then the weekly trend will be under pressure. However, if Indian stock markets start trading positive then the weekly trend will be range bound and stay within last week’s higher and lower levels.

We have provided daily pivot levels for major Indian stock indexes on our Pivot Trading page. These levels will indicate the broader trading range of these indexes. The daily support and resistance levels for Indian stock indexes are:

Expect a choppy and range bound intraday trend in Indian stock markets today. The positive or negative closing will indicate which way these markets intend to trade through this week.

Market volatility may remain quite high so day traders should trade for short durations and keep a strict stop loss in all their trades.

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