Indian Stock Markets Today: Range bound, Volatile Trend

20 March 2020 (8:39 am IST)

Indian stock markets had a highly negative closing yesterday. Nifty lost 200 points more but on charts, this index made a positive candlestick at the bottom, which usually indicates a trend reversal.

Today, global cues are also giving positive indications so we can expect a positive opening for Indian stock markets.

These markets are following the trend in US stock futures, so the trading may turn highly volatile, just like yesterday. It requires a cautious and minimum trading from day traders.

If global markets rally, we can expect a similar trend in these markets too. Otherwise, it could turn out to be a sideways trend in Indian stocks within the previous range.

You can find intraday range levels on our  Pivot Trading page.  For major indexes, these levels are: 

Indian stock markets are expected to open positive but trade with high volatility. Global cues will continue to dominate these markets.

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