Indian Stock Markets Today: Telecom, Bank Shares In Focus

17 February 2020 (8:33 am IST)

Indian stock markets kind of fainted on Friday last when the Supreme Court imposed huge fines on telecom companies.

It was a wild swing in markets where shares of Vodafone, Airtel dropped wildly along with shares of banks that are their lenders.

Today, those shares will be in focus again and Indian stock markets could see another session of huge swings. Day traders must remain very cautious and trade in single lots with strict stop loss in place.

Get intraday range levels of major indexes from our Pivot Trading page.  These levels are: 

SGX Nifty is trading flat, waiting for Nifty to open and take its own trend. Pre-open markets numbers will give a clue of how these markets will open.

The best trading strategy will be to sell at bounce. Resistance levels will help you identify where the selling opportunity will come.

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