Macron Wins French Presidency; Markets Expected to Open Up

7 May 2017 (2:34 PM EDT)

Centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron has been elected the next, and youngest, president of France. He defeated Marine Le-Pen, whose far-right ideology had global markets much worried.



Asian markets will be ringing their opening bells in just a few hours from now and with Macron’s win, world markets are expected to start the new week with a jump. Especially currency markets will have bigger reactions and if euro goes much higher against dollar than it will have positive impact on global equities.

European markets are expected to be the happiest as Macron’s win will be a boost for pro-Europe policies.

U.S. markets had closed with a rally on Friday and if U.S. stock futures start rallying with European markets, then major U.S. index Dow Jones may see a breakout from its current range and embark on a new higher trend.

Nearly 4 hours more for global currency markets to open and fireworks will start. Equities will follow soon.

Twitter is breaking with Macron’s win. Enjoy that till Asian markets wake up.

Good luck, see you soon!

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