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European stock markets: Elections in EU

May 24, 2014,( 7:35AM EDT) Dear Readers, I had hoped for a zombie-like weekend where you, me and all of us will turn into couch potatoes or zombies and eat and sleep and snore so loudly that our neighbors will … Continue reading

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Cyprus : bailout drama continues

Mar 24, 2013 (12:34 PM EDT) Babes, buddies, I hope you have been having a wonderful weekend. Me? Oh, never had it so good! I was living in Cyprus  (Online, I mean 🙂 ) and had been devouring all the … Continue reading

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US Markets today: Gloomy after the Fed, before Cyprus

Mar 21, 2013 (update:  1:51 PM EDT) There is something special about Dow Jones falling -100 points. Isn’t it? “Dow Jones Falls 100 points” &”Dow Jones falls in love” would sound equally romantic to markets bears, I guess (*hehe*). Earlier: (9:28 … Continue reading

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