Day Trading by Pivot

Today’s Pivot Levels :

For intra day trading, pivot levels are extremely helpful for stock traders. Traders can use pivot trading strategies both for trading stocks and for index trading.

To help online stock traders, we bring daily pivot levels from major stock indexes in world markets.

These levels are based on previous closing (daily chart). If markets make big intra-day movement (up or down) then these levels could be broken.

We are starting with major markets (U.S., European, Indian), but we’ll try to cover as many markets around the globe as possible.

choose your market and check their support and resistance levels for today:

Pivot Trading : U.S. Stock Markets:

Pivot Trading: European Stock Markets

Pivot Trading : Indian Stock Markets:

Also check out daily pivot points at

2 Responses to Day Trading by Pivot

  1. sathish says:

    I am using pivot points for intraday

    during volatile markets my stop losses are triggering.

    Is there any solution to use pivots during the volatile markets.

    during Feb, Mar And Upto April 20th. I am in profits.

    from April 20th to till to day. I am in Loss.

    • Administrator says:

      Volatile markets are best traded in the second half when a clear range becomes visible on charts. Then it becomes easy to identify top (resistance) and bottom (support) levels. Volatile markets require lots of patience in trading.

      Secondly, you can consult 15-minutes candlestick chart from previous day’s session and understand the support or resistance levels during closing hour of that day (use last 4 candles to check levels). Use those levels as the first range of a new session and above that range, go long, below that range try a short position. Do not over trade, do not trade in many lots. Volatile markets will eat all your capital if you over trade.

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