US markets today: Gap up opening ahead

Jan 31, 2012 (8:51AM EST)

U.S. stock markets are getting ready for a gap up opening today, just as the rest of the world markets did earlier in their respective time zones.

Yesterday, U.S. markets did a marvelous about-turn after a negative opening and provided hope to other major stock indexes for today’s session. Taking clues from U.S. markets, Asian – especially Indian markets had a marathon run today.

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US stock futuresEuropean markets too are enjoying a green run today and are trading almost 1% up.

U.S. stock futures have been positive during the whole trading session and are indicating a healthy run ahead. Nasdaq is witnessing some hectic activity because of Apple Inc.’s extremely good performance on the charts and an imminent IPO filing from Facebook.

Please keep in mind, this is earnings season and markets might see some volatility. But overall trend remains that of short term rally.

It will be interesting to see when Dow Jones breaks above 12,800 level and STAYS above it. Hopefully, that will end the current range and take markets to new highs.

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