US Stock Markets Today: Agonizing Wait for Range Breakout

13 September 2019 (8:59 am EDT)

US stock futures were trading with good gains till an hour ago, and it seemed that we may see a range breakout today in Us stock markets. Since then, stock futures have trimmed their gains and perhaps, the agonizing wait for that breakout will continue. 

If US stock markets trade lower than yesterday’s closing, then we’ll have a rangebound session today. Only if major indexes cross above the previous high mark, we can hope for a bigger positive trend.

Right now, US stock futures are subdued and only some good news can perk the trend up. After yesterday’s extremely volatile trend, traders will remain cautious today. 

Watch intraday range levels given on our Pivot Trading page for day trading. These levels are:

US stock markets are expected to open positive and trade within yesterday’s broad range. These markets are in an uptrend, very close to the all-time high levels, but need some big positive news to get across that line. We’ll have to wait and see if that happen today.

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