US Stock Markets Today: High Opening, Choppy Session Ahead

13 April 2018 (9:07 AM EDT)

U.S. stock futures are rallying on better than expected bank earnings. The only factor that can trigger a choppiness in U.S. stock markets is a technical one.

If that hurdle is crossed, then theses market can proceed to accumulated some healthy gains.

This hurdle is a strong resistance for Dow Jones (24,600) which the index has failed to break multiple times this week.

If today’s high opening helps Dow Jones sail over that resistance, and the index stays above it, then it can try to recapture 25,000 within. a few session.

Apart from that, all other worries seem to have disappeared for the time being for U.S. stock markets and this closing session of the week looks like it will either have a continuous high climbing session for major indexes, or arrange bound one where major indexes will keep close to their previous session’s high mark.

Day traders can check intraday support and resistance levels for major U.S. indexes on our Pivot Trading page, and follow those levels to see how the trend develops in U.S. stock markets today. The same can be find in these links:

If Dow Jones stays above its resistance levels and President Trump does not tweet any new controversial comment, then U.S. stock markets could see a smooth and positive session today.

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