US Stock Markets Today: Lower Opening, Range bound Trend

14 January 2019 (8:57 am EST)
U.S. stock futures have been trading highly negative through the global session. Geopolitical situations are weighing heavily on these futures, just as we had discussed over the weekend.

Dow Jones futures are down by nearly 200 points, indicating a big gap-down opening in this index and broader U.S. stock markets.

That will make these markets range bound within previous two sessions’ trading range. Last week‘s trading range will create the broader range for major U.S. indexes.

Which way U.S. stock markets will trend after a lower opening? That will depend on how much support markets will receive at lower levels. Good support will keep U.S. stock range bound within important levels of last 3-4 sessions. If resistance levels become stronger than support, then these markets will continue to slide down later in the session.

For day traders, we have provided intra-day support and resistance levels for major indexes on our Pivot Trading page. These levels are:

As always, it is advisable that day traders wait for markets to stabilize after a gap down opening. Once the initial volatility cools down and a clear trend emerges, then it will be easier to follow and trade with that trend.

Expect a choppy trend in U.S. stock markets today. The week is starting with negative numbers so obviously the weekly trend is negative in U.S. stock markets, at least for the time being.

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