US Stock Markets Today: Positive, Trying To Break Out of Weekly Range

13 March 2019 (9:14am EDT)

After a mixed closing yesterday, U.S. stock futures are all trending positive in this session. This indicates a higher opening in U.S. stock markets.

If major indexes continue to climb higher then these markets will be breaking out of last week’s trend. Nasdaq has already trading above last month’s high mark so today’s high opening will change its daily, weekly and monthly trend into an uptrend.

Only Dow Jones is still within last month’s range and it needs to rally above 26,000 to turn into a monthly uptrend.

For intraday trend, use daily pivot levels given on our Pivot Trading page. These levels will give a fair idea of support and resistance levels in major indexes. Theses levels are:

Expect a choppy trend in U.S. stock markets today. The intraday trend in Dow Jones will be important for these markets. If this mega index faces any resistance, then the trend in U.S. stock markets will turn mixed. However, a higher intraday trend in Dow Jones will support the overall trend in these markets.

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