US Stock Markets Today : Sideways Trend in Narrow Range

15 April 2019 (9:14 am EDT)

After last Friday’ big jump, U.S. stock markets are set for a subdued opening and rangebound trading.

U.S. stock futures have been treading water through the Asia and Europe session. This indicates that the last two week’s range high levels are still strong and buyers are not willing to go beyond those limits.

For day traders, this would mean a narrow trading range in U.S. stock markets unless some positive or negative news triggers a bigger reaction.
This is going to be a short week and most of the global stock markets will close for the long weekend on Good Friday. That may keep markets slow paced.

Intraday pivot levels, given on our Pivot Trading page, can help in anticipating trading range levels for major indexes. These levels are:

Expect a choppy but rangebound intraday trend in U.S. stock market today. Day trading pattern may remain sluggish.

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