US Stock Markets Today: Slow Paced, Volatile Intraday Trend

22 January 2018 (8:36 AM EST)

Global stock markets completely ignored the U.S. government’s shutdown and goin by U.S. stock futures it seems that U.S. stocks are also goin to do the same; although in a subdued manner.

Asian stock markets traded mostly positive, Indian markets rallied and major European stock markets are all trading positive. Nasdaq futures have turned positive and S&P 500 futures are just below the previous close, inching forward, trying to turn positive. Only Dow Jones futures are showing double digit losses at the time of writing.

These trading trends indicate that U.S. stock markets may trade in a volatile and mixed manner, but remain within their current uptrend. Stocks and indexes will probably see buying support at lower level, as usually happen during uptrends

Where will this intraday support come? You can check pivot levels to know that. We have given intraday pivot levels for major U.S. indexes on our pivot trading page You can check those levels here also:

Dow Jones pivot points

Nasdaq 100 pivot points

S&P 500 pivot points

Russell 2000 pivot points

For day trading these pivot points or support and resistance levels provide excellent trade entry and profit booking targets. Thanks to the advent of algo- trading, now markets are ruled by big trades based on these technical levels. So small day traders can just follow these levels and it will help them easily spot the  intraday trading  trend.

Take help of these pivot levels and plan your day trading strategy for U.S. stocks or indexes today.

This is how global stocks had started their session earlier:

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