US Stock Markets Today: US Futures Jump on Fed’s New QE Measures

23 March 2020 (8:13 am EDT)

US stock futures have jumped after the Federal Reserve announced new and unlimited asset purchase program to mitigate adverse effect of coronavirus spread.

Full Report here:

The Federal Reserve just pledged asset purchases with no limit to support markets

The jump in US stock futures was so big that Dow Jones futures jumped 1,800 points from day’s low to high point. Nasdaq futures are up by 200 points.

This trend change in US futures is expected to give a boost not only to US stock markets, but to global stocks too. This is apparent by a more than 300 points’ surge in SGX Nifty, which is futures index of India’s Nifty 50.

Earlier in Asia session, Dow Jones futures were down by 900 points, but now these futures are 400 points up.

More to follow.

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