US Stock Markets Today: Volatile Trend, Trading Pattern Under Pressure

16 March 2018 (9:14 AM EDT)

U.S. stock futures are just floating near the previous close line, with a choppy trading pattern.

Dow jones futures have been swinging between red and green numbers and now, before the opening bell, have turned flat. Nasdaq futures are negative, indicating a mixed opening for U.S. stock markets.

This whole week, S&P 500 had closed negative in every session. Dow Jones has been range bound with highly volatile trading pattern.

Tis mixed and volatile trading pattern is expected to continue in U.S. stock markets today. Dow Jones is restricted between yesterday’s high and low levels. Given the turmoil in Trump White House, it will be futile to expect a breakout on the upper side, but a breakdown of the lower support levels could be possible today or in near future.

U.S. stock markets have been trading under negative pressure this whole week and today’s last session of the week is not expected to be any different. Pivot trading is still the best trading strategy for such volatile and range bound stock markets.

Find intraday pivot levels of major U.S. stock indexes on our Pivot Trading page, or just check here:

Closing levels in these indexes may indicate how U.S. stock markets will trade next week. Any negative political developments over the weekend could increase the selling pressure in these markets.

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