World Markets Today: Intraday Trend Turns Choppy, Range Bound

10 January 2018 (8:51 AM IST)

9 January 2018 (10:21 PM EST )

  • Asian stock markets have had a lower opening.
  • Major Asian indexes showing a mixed trend.
  • U.S. stock markets closed with positive but mixed trend.
  • SGX Nifty is range bound.
  • Pivot trading to be better trading strategy for intraday traders.

Asian stock markets had opened with negative numbers all around and are currently trading with mixed numbers. Main indexes in Japan, Australia and South Korea stock markets are trading negative while China and Hong Kong markets have turned positive.

U.S. stock markets had closed positive overnight but major U.S. indexes are showing a mixed trend. Dow Jones rallied in the previous session but S&P 500 and Nasdaq stayed range bound. A day before, Dow Jones had closed negative while S&P 500 and Nasdaq had jumped up.

Today, U.S. and European stock futures are trading mildly negative, indicating a choppy and mostly range bound session in these markets.

SGX Nifty has also paused near its previous closing, indicating a flat or negative opening in Indian stock markets today.

The intraday trading trend in world stock markets is mixed and range bound. In such situations, individual indexes trade with their own different trends. If you are day trading in stocks or indexes, then watch its own trend and trade with that.

Pivot trading becomes the best intraday trading tool in such market conditions. You can check pivot levels of some major markets on our Pivot trading page.

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