World Markets Today: Range Bound, Negative Bias

30 Dec, 2014, (9:04 AM IST)

Dec 29, 2014, (10:33 PM EST)

Excellent time in global markets for intra day trade since markets have become range bound with a negative bias.

U.S. markets have stopped going higher. In their last few sessions, these markets have continuously shown selling pressure at high levels of the day. Other global markets are following these signals and have seen more negative sessions than positive and now, the upper limit in all major markets have been defined, the lower limit is open.

Sell at high is still a good strategy for intra day trading. Keep patience, watch markets signals and trade with the trend. Although markets are range bound and usually in range bound markets it’s suggested to sell at resistance and buy at support. But during the current phase, markets are showing weakness and a tilt towards bearish trend/ correction so my advice would be to stay away from buying at any level.

I’m late and Indian markets is calling for my attention so that’s all for now for global traders 🙂

Good luck, have fun , have a great session in markets today!

See you later.

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