World Markets Today: Rising Dollar Puts Pressure on Stocks

17 October 2017 (8:26 AM IST)

16 October 2017 (10:56 PM EDT)

We had discussed yesterday, that the Dollar index had rising again and it could affect smaller markets.

Today, Asia markets are trading mixed on currency market’s trading pattern as different currencies react differently to dollar. SGX Nifty is negative for the same reason, indicating a lower opening in India markets later today. U.S. and European stock futures are also showing weakness, indicating a volatile session for these markets even though U.S. markets had closed with good gains.

Expect global stocks to trade inc hoppy manner and have a mixed trend. If U.S. stock futures and European markets trade lower, then it could affect other markets too.

Watch the intra day trend in your local markets and trade accordingly.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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