World Markets today: Volatile, Range Bound as Oil Pauses

29 Feb, 2016 (9:05AM IST)

Feb 28, 2016, (10:37pm EST)

Global markets have started the new week with negative numbers as Oil prices have paused and find resistance at higher levels.

In the last session, Crude Oil futures had come down drastically after reaching near their major resistance of $35.

Such big declines rear top levels makes traders cautious about a trend reversal.

U.S. markets had also closed in the red in their last session of the previous week and today, U.S. stock futures are dwindling in the negative again, as Crude futures stay below 33.

Expect global markets to remain volatile and remain range bound as long as Oil futures stay in their own range. Global stock will follow how Oil futures behave later in the day, either a breakout (positive) or a breakdown (negative) will affect the global stocks in a similar manner.

Good luck, enjoy the session!

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