World Stock Markets Today: Cautiously Positive, Rangebound Trend

28 December 2018 (9:27 am IST)

27 December 2018 (10:57 pm EST)

U.S. stock markets are back on positive track and their overnight positive closing shows that buying support has returned in these trends-setting markets.

After trading lower through the session, U.S. markets rallied from day’s low levels to close highly positive, surpassing the previous session’s high points. That in itself indicates a positive trend and today, in Asia session, U.S. stock futures are trading positive, indicating that a minor uptrend has started in these markets from their recent bottom levels.

World stock markets are cautiously following that positive lead and are mostly trading higher in Asia. After the recent fall, these higher numbers are keeping major global indexes within their last few sessions’ trading range.

Most of the Asian stock markets are trading positive at this hour. Indian stock markets have opened with higher numbers and U.S. and European stock futures are also positive.

Day traders should watch their local index and look for trading opportunities near support levels. The trend in world stock markets will be dominate by U.S. stock futures and their trend will lead the global trend.

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