World Stock Markets Today: Flat, Volatile Trend

20 January 2019 (8:37 am IST)

19 January (10:06 pm EST)

In the opening session of this week, the opening trend in world stock markets looks flat and volatile.

All major Asian stock markets are trading positive, but, with little gains. US and European stock futures are also showing a similar, positive-but-thin gains trend.

SGX Nifty is flat, waiting for Indian stock markets to open and create an intraday trend.

In such slow paced sessions, day traders should focus on the support and resistance levels of their local markets and try to extract profits in one or two trades.

Unless the trading range broaden later in the session, this narrow trading range will eat into the day trader’s capital without giving any gains in return. The week has just started so the best day trading strategy will be wait for your local markets to show a clear trend and then trade with that trend.

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