World Stock Markets Today: Highly Positive on Fed’s Unlimited Stimulus!

24 March 2020 (8:06 am IST)

23 March 2020 (10:36 pm EDT)

This is the session where the trend could change for world stock markets to a highly positive one!

World stock markets are jumping with joy after the Federal Reserve declared some strong fiscal and monetary stimulus for markets which also includes unlimited (or as much as markets need) asset purchase program.

US stock futures had jumped when the news broke before the opening bell in US stock markets on Monday, but the session ended with some negative numbers. However, these numbers were small compared to the big losses US stock markets have been facing till now.

That factor, and the rally in US stock futures in Asia session has given a BIG BOOST  to world stock markets and everywhere, we can see 3-5% jump in global indexes.

Dow Jones futures are more than  700 points higher.

Nasdaq futures are 250 points up.

S&P 500 futures are almost 4% higher.

Nikkei (Japan) is 6.54% up.

-Other major Asian stock markets are also rallying with equally big margins.

-European stock futures are also more than 3% high.

SGX Nifty is 400 points higher, indicating a big gap up opening for Indian stock markets.

If nothing goes wrong and US stock futures continue to trade higher, we can expect to see a highly positive session in world stock markets today.

Day traders should take advantage of this high trend but be cautious about market volatility.

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