World Stock Markets Today: Highly Volatile, Mixed Trend

10 October 2019 (9:13 am IST)

9 October 2019 (11:42 pm EDT)

World stock markets have opened with mixed numbers. US stock markets had closed positive so most of the Asia stock markets are trading positive too.

But US stock futures had a wild swing earlier in the session when some news reports said that the US-China trade talks have hit a hurdle. At one point, Dow Jones futures had dropped 300 points, although since then the index futures have recovered smartly. European stock futures are trading mixed.

These futures are still slightly negative and the drop in US stock futures had sent SGX Nifty down by nearly 100 points. This futures index of India’s Nifty 50 is still highly negative. Although this could mean a negative opening in Indian stock markets, Indian traders should wait and see how Nifty trades after the opening bell.

Expect world stock markets to trade with high volatility and in a mixed manner. US stock futures are susceptible to wild swings on news reports and could affect other markets too. Day traders should be cautious about any sudden trend turns and trade with strict stop loss in all their open positions.

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