World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Choppy Intraday Trend

13 February 2020 (8:43 am IST)

12 February 2020 (10:12 pm EST)

US stock markets had a highly positive overnight session, but in Asia session today, US stock futures are trading down with negative numbers.

European stock futures are following that negative trend in US futures. SGX Nifty is also down by a slight margin.

Major Asian stock markets are trading mixed. China markets are down on new coronavirus cases. Hong Kong markets are also negative. Other Asian stock markets are positive, but with thin margins.

This trading pattern in global markets shows a subdued trend and choppiness. Day traders should carefully watch their markets and trade with the intraday trend.

Expect world stock markets to trade in a mixed trend and remain highly volatile. US stock futures may dominate this session in global stocks.

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