World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Choppy Trend

26 March 2020 (8:13 am IST)

25 March 2020 (10:42 pm EDT)


US stock markets had a mixed closing in their overnight session. World stock markets are following that mixed trend in their Asia session today.

At the time of writing, major Asian stock markets are trading  mostly negative. Except for the Australian markets, that are positive, all other major Asian indexes are slowly turning negative.

US stock futures are also negative, but with smaller margins. European futures are showing bigger losses. SGX Nifty is around 60 points lower at this hour.

All these numbers indicate a mixed trading pattern in world stock markets. US stock futures could still dominate the global trend, which can increase the choppiness in world stock markets. In such situation, day traders should focus on the intraday trend in their local markets and trade cautiously.

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